Auger Torque Hedge Trimmer: The Ultimate Excavator Attachment

When it comes to landscaping and garden maintenance, the Auger Torque Excavator Hedge Trimmer stands out as the perfect solution for excavators ranging from 1.5T to 8T.

Transforming Excavator Performance

At Mouse Valley Equipment, we understand the power of a versatile and efficient tool. The Auger Torque Excavator Hedge Trimmer brings just that to your excavators, enhancing their functionality and boosting productivity. The trimmer, which can be easily attached to excavators between 1.5T to 8T, offers a neat, accurate, and high-performance solution to manage tall trees, deep hedges, and hard-to-reach shrubbery.

Elevate Your Excavator’s Capabilities Today

Make the most of your existing machines by enhancing their versatility with the Auger Torque Hedge Trimmer. As a leading distributor of Auger Torque attachments in the UK, we at Mouse Valley Equipment Ltd are committed to providing high-quality, efficient, and durable solutions for all your landscaping needs. Discover the difference an excavator hedge trimmer can make in your daily operations today.

Auger Torque Hedge Trimmer Attachment

The Power of Versatility

With a variety of motor sizes available, this hedge trimmer can be customized to suit your specific application needs. Whether it’s trimming long grass, brushing, or manicuring hedges, this attachment has got you covered.

Extended Reach, Enhanced Efficiency

The hedge trimmer boasts an impressive 1.5m bar length and an additional 1.0m extension length. This design provides an unrivaled cutting reach of 2.5m, facilitating precise and efficient trimming. Such extended reach also ensures safe access to taller trees and deeper hedges, adding to the safety quotient of your operations.

High Performance, Low Maintenance

The Auger Torque Hedge Trimmer excels not only in performance but also in durability. With a maximum cutting diameter of 40mm and the provision to replace individual cutting teeth, it is built to handle rigorous workloads while requiring minimal maintenance.

Enhancing Durability and Convenience

Embodying extreme durability, the hedge trimmer is designed to withstand the toughest working conditions, ensuring longevity and reliable performance. Additionally, the hedge trimmer comes with included hoses, ensuring a hassle-free setup.

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  • 1500mm digger mounted hedge trimmer

    Auger Torque 1500mm Excavator Hedge Trimmer

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Auger Torque Excavator Hedge Trimmer Attached to Excavator
Auger Torque Hedge Trimmer Attachment
Excavator Using Auger Torque Excavator Hedge Trimmer in Field
Variety of Motor Sizes Available for Auger Torque Excavator Hedge Trimmer

Ready to revolutionize your landscaping work with the powerful Auger Torque Hedge Trimmer? Our team at Mouse Valley Equipment Ltd is standing by to assist with any questions and help you select the ideal attachment for your excavator. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today. You can fill out our contact form at or give us a call or send a WhatsApp message to 01555 476806. Let us support you in enhancing your equipment’s versatility and productivity. We look forward to hearing from you!