High-Quality Echotec Tree Shears: Engineered for Excellence

At Mouse Valley Equipment Ltd, we’re proud to bring you an extensive range of innovative and high-performing Echotec Tree Shears. Designed for the demanding environments of the Agri, Forestry, and Construction industries, these attachments are built to tackle any challenge. Our selection includes four standout models: RTS250, RTS300, TS250, and TS300, each offering unique features and capabilities to boost your productivity.

Echotec – Redefining Performance and Durability

Echotec is renowned for its creativity and innovation in providing top-quality attachments and implements. Their tree shears, manufactured in the UK and Ireland, exemplify their dedication to excellence, with each model designed to meet the varying needs of our customers.

Rotating and Fixed Tree Shears

Our selection includes two categories of tree shears: rotating and fixed. The RTS250 and RTS300 are rotating tree shears, providing enhanced manoeuvrability and flexibility, while the TS250 and TS300 are fixed models, offering superior stability and power.

Modular Build for Tailored Solutions 

What sets Echotec apart is the modular build of their products. This design allows performance-enhancing features to be added as your needs evolve, offering unmatched flexibility.

Quality Materials for Enhanced Performance

Echotec utilises only the best materials and components to ensure maximum performance every single time. Each tree shear is constructed from durable HARDOX® and STRENX™, ensuring robustness and longevity, even in the most challenging environments.

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  • Echotec RTS250 Rotating Tree Shear (5-10t Excavators)

    £8,995.00 +20% VAT (£10,794.00)
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  • Echotec TS250 Fixed Tree Shear (5-10t Excavators)

    £5,450.00 +20% VAT (£6,540.00)
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  • Echotec RTS300 Rotating Tree Shear (14-16t Excavators)

    £12,995.00 +20% VAT (£15,594.00)
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  • Echotec TS300 Fixed Tree Shear (14-16t Excavators)

    £9,000.00 +20% VAT (£10,800.00)
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RTS250 & RTS300 – Rotating Precision

The RTS250 and RTS300, with maximum cut capacities of 250mm and 300mm respectively, bring the versatility of rotation to your operations. These models rotate 360 degrees, allowing for precise cutting and placement without moving the machine, saving you time and increasing your productivity.

TS250 & TS300 – Fixed Powerhouses

For those requiring immense strength and stability, the TS250 and TS300 are the preferred choice. These fixed tree shears, with cut capacities of 250mm and 300mm respectively, are engineered to handle demanding tasks. The powerful twin arms on these models secure the load with every cut, making the shear safe for use in all environments.

Echotec  – Versatility Redefined

The Echotec shears stand out for their versatile design. With a removable blade, it can double as a grapple, broadening its application range and providing enhanced value for your investment. The custom-made hydraulic cylinder behind every cut delivers unmatched power, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency every time.

Consistent Quality and Service

At Mouse Valley Equipment, we don’t just sell products; we build relationships. Our commitment to consistent quality and service ensures you always receive the best. Explore our range of Echotec Tree Shears and experience the Mouse Valley difference.

Built to Last

Echotec products are not just about immediate performance – they are also about durability. Designed and engineered to outperform and outlast anything in their class, these tree shears are truly a long-term investment in productivity.

At Mouse Valley Equipment Ltd, we believe in providing our customers with the best tools for their tasks. Explore our selection of Echotec Tree Shears and find the perfect attachment for your needs today.