Heavy Duty Excavator Tilt Buckets

Now in stock – Cangini’s range of Heavy Duty tilting ditching buckets. Range of sizes to fit excavators from 1 – 8 ton. All buckets are designed to achieve tilt angles up to 45°. Reinfocred with HB400 hard wearing steel, these are designed for consistant everyday work.  The design and shape of the bucket with 8° angled side profile in designed to stop wet material sticking inside the bucket.

All of our tilting ditcher buckets will be supplied with hitch bracket and pins to suit your excavator along with hydraulic hoses. All you require is a pair of hydraulic couplers.

Technical Features

  1. Elongated Profile
  2. HB400 Wear Strips
  3. HB400 Cutting Edge
  4. HB400 Side Cutters and Reinforcement
  5. 8° Cone Shape Profile
  6. BLock Valve – ensures bucket holds in position under load
  7. SQS 65 and SQS 70 Models are Fitted with Twin Hydraulic Rams

8,9,10,11 – Optional Extras, not included with standard SQS HD Tilt Buckets


  • Cangini heavy duty tilting excavator bucket 800mm

    800mm HD Tilt Bucket – 0.8 – 1t Excavator – 1 Available

    £1,135.00 +20% VAT (£1,362.00)
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  • Cangini Excavator Heavy Duty Tilt bucket

    1200mm HD Tilt Bucket – 3-4t Excavator – 1 Available

    Sale! Original price was: £2,115.00.Current price is: £1,995.00. +20% VAT (£2,394.00)
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  • 1400mm HD Tilt Bucket – 3-4t Excavator – 1 Available

    £2,295.00 +20% VAT (£2,754.00)
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