Upgrade Your Farm with the Excavator Tree Shear Attachment – Apply for the FETF14 Grant Today!

Discover the benefits of our powerful Excavator Tree Shear attachment and secure funding through the Farming Equipment and Technology Fund 2023.

Are you looking to improve the efficiency and productivity of your farm? The Excavator Tree Shear attachment is your perfect solution, and with the FETF14 grant, upgrading your farming operations has never been more affordable.

£3,219 grant funding available for purchase of the Echotec RTS14 tree shear, as described in the guidance article below:


Key Features:

  • High-quality, durable design built to withstand the toughest conditions
  • Precision cutting capabilities for efficient and effective tree management
  • Time-saving solution for clearing land, trimming branches, and maintaining woodland

FETF14 Grant Funding:

The Farming Equipment and Technology Fund 2023 offers financial support to UK farmers who invest in innovative and sustainable technologies. By purchasing the Excavator Tree Shear attachment, you could be eligible for grant funding, making this a cost-effective way to boost your farm’s productivity.

How to Apply for the FETF14 Grant:

  1. Research the FETF14 grant eligibility criteria and ensure your farm qualifies. For more information please write the UK Government Guidance here – https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/farming-equipment-and-technology-fund-fetf-2023
  2. Purchase the Excavator Tree Shear attachment from our website
  3. Submit your FETF14 grant application, including proof of purchase and details of your farm’s operations
  4. Await confirmation of your application’s success and receive your grant funding


Hear from UK farmers who have experienced the benefits of our Excavator Tree Shear attachment and successfully secured FETF14 grant funding:

“We do not mess about, your shear is unbelievable! The £3,129 grant funding through the Farming Equipment and Technology Fund 2023 certainly helps!” – William Hick

Order Yours:

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