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Hydraulic Augers for Mini Excavators: Unmatched Efficiency with Our Superior Auger Packages

At Mouse Valley Equipment Ltd, we proudly offer a comprehensive range of hydraulic auger torque packages, specifically tailored to maximise the capabilities of your mini excavator. From the nimble 1-ton micro excavator to the formidable 5-ton model, our hydraulic auger solutions are designed to meet your unique requirements.

The Advantage of Hydraulic Augers

Hydraulic augers are trusted tools, providing unrivalled performance across various drilling tasks. They are an essential tool for digging post holes, tree planting, and foundation laying, turning your mini excavator into a multifaceted workhorse.

Our Diverse Range of Auger Packages

1200 Earth Drill Package: Perfect for 1-ton Micro Excavators

Our 1200 Earth Drill package is specifically designed to meet the needs of 1-ton micro excavators. Compact yet powerful, it provides precise, efficient drilling capabilities, making it a versatile addition to your mini excavator tool kit.

X1500 Earth Drill Package: Designed for 1 – 1.6-ton Excavators

The X1500 Earth Drill package is a compact yet robust hydraulic auger solution, perfect for mini excavators within the 1 to 1.6-ton range. It delivers precision and efficiency, making it an ideal addition to your mini excavator attachment suite.

X2500 Earth Drill Package: For 1.5 – 2.5-ton Mini Diggers

Our X2500 Earth Drill package is designed to cater to the requirements of 1.5 to 2.5-ton mini diggers. Offering enhanced drilling performance, this hydraulic auger package enables you to tackle a variety of drilling tasks confidently.

3500MAX Earth Drill Package: Suitable for 2.5 – 4-ton Diggers

The 3500MAX Earth Drill package is the ideal solution for larger mini excavators between 2.5 to 4 tons. This package equips your excavator with the ability to take on more substantial, more demanding drilling tasks with ease.

4500MAX Earth Drill Package: Optimised for up to 5-ton Excavators

For larger mini excavators, our 4500MAX Earth Drill package delivers exceptional performance. It’s specifically designed for up to 5-ton excavators, giving you the power and precision to conquer any drilling job.

Why Opt for Our Hydraulic Auger Packages?

Mouse Valley Equipment Ltd’s hydraulic auger packages deliver superior performance and resilience. Our innovative design features and use of high-quality materials ensure durability, precision, and efficiency, maximizing your mini excavator’s potential.

Mouse Valley Equipment Ltd – Your Trusted Partner

As the largest distributor of Auger Torque hydraulic attachments in the UK, we’re committed to providing high-quality, reliable solutions for all your excavator attachment needs.

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