Auger Torque S5 Truck Crane Earth Drills


Discover the powerful Hiab Auger Drive – Auger Torque S5 Earth Drills, designed for truck cranes from 9t/meter to 18t/meter. With torque output ranging from 5500Nm to 7000Nm and a standard S5 (75mm square) output shaft, these premium attachments deliver exceptional performance and reliability for your excavation projects. As the largest stockist of Auger Torque attachments in the UK, we offer unbeatable prices, quick dispatch, and short lead times. Upgrade your truck crane capabilities today!

5500TC Earth Drill | 1,685-5,477 Nm | Truck Crane to 15t/Metre

7000TC Earth Drill | 2,098-6,819 Nm | Truck Crane to 9-18t/Metre


Introducing the Powerful Hiab Auger Drive – Auger Torque S5 Earth Drills for Truck Cranes

Looking for the ultimate hiab auger drive solution? Look no further! As the largest stockist and distributor of Auger Torque attachments in the UK, we are proud to present our premium range of Auger Torque S5 Earth Drills, specifically designed for truck cranes.

Our range includes the powerful 5500TC & 7000TC models, perfect for truck cranes from 9t/meter to 18t/meter. Boasting a standard S5 (75mm square) output shaft, these auger drives deliver exceptional torque output ranging from 5500Nm to 7000Nm.

Why Choose Our Hiab Auger Drive – Auger Torque S5 Earth Drills?

  1. Largest Stockist of Auger Torque Attachments in the UK Partnering with our sister company, The Attachment Company in the USA, we have the majority of the Auger Torque range in stock at unbeatable prices. Our extensive inventory allows for quick dispatch and short lead times, ensuring your project stays on schedule.
  2. Unmatched Performance and Reliability Our Auger Torque S5 TC Earth Drills are designed to perform in the toughest conditions, offering unmatched performance and reliability. With torque output ranging from 5500Nm to 7000Nm, these hiab auger drives provide the power and precision you need for efficient drilling.
  3. Compatible with a Wide Range of Truck Cranes The 5500TC & 7000TC models are compatible with truck cranes from 9t/meter to 18t/meter, providing versatile attachment options for your equipment. The standard S5 (75mm square) output shaft ensures seamless integration with your existing truck crane setup.
  4. Expert Support and After-sales Service Our dedicated team of attachment experts is always on hand to provide exceptional support and after-sales service. With a wealth of experience in the industry, we can help you choose the perfect hiab auger drive for your needs and ensure smooth operation throughout its lifespan.

Don’t settle for less when it comes to hiab auger drives. Choose the best with our Auger Torque S5 Earth Drills for truck cranes. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Auger Torque 5500TC

Torque Range: 1,685-5,477 Nm (1,243-4,039 ft-lb)
Oil Pressure Range: 80-260 Bar (1,160-3,771 psi)
Oil Flow Range: 15-50 lpm (4-13 GPM)
Speed Range: 11-38 rpm
Unit Weight: 108 kg (238 lbs)

5500TC Earth Drill Spec Sheet
5500TC Earth Drill Speed Chart
5500TC Earth Drill Torque Chart

Auger Torque 7000TC

Torque Range: 2,098-6,819 Nm (1,547-5,029 ft-lb)
Oil Pressure Range: 80-260 Bar (1,160-3,771 psi)
Oil Flow Range: 15-50 lpm (4-13 GPM)
Speed Range: 9-30 rpm
Unit Weight: 110 kg (243 lbs)

7000TC Earth Drill Spec Sheet
7000TC Earth Drill Speed Chart
7000TC Earth Drill Torque Chart

Auger Torque Warranty

Auger Torque offers a warranty on its products, which covers defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty period varies depending on the product: 72 months for planetary gearbox components, 36 months for hydraulic motors, and 24 months for all other products and parts. A lifetime parts replacement warranty is provided for Earth Drill shaft dislodgement and Shock Lock system failures under normal operating conditions. The warranty starts from the date of sale by an authorized dealer and is non-transferable.

To be valid, the product must be registered within 4 weeks of sale. The warranty doesn’t cover normal wear and tear, faults due to incorrect assembly or installation, sizing issues, hydraulic hoses, ground engaging parts, transportation costs, consequential loss, or unauthorized repairs. Claims must be reported to the supplying dealer, who will provide immediate service and assess the issue based on Auger Torque’s terms and conditions.

Depending on the urgency, the customer may be responsible for returning the product for inspection, or a replacement may be invoiced at the original value, subject to warranty inspection. During the warranty period, Auger Torque will repair or replace defective parts at its discretion. Repaired or replaced parts are covered for the remainder of the original warranty period.

The warranty is void if improperly operated, altered, modified, or not serviced according to the Operator’s Manual. Auger Torque is not liable for any costs related to warranty failures and limits its liability to repair or replacement of defective parts.

Truck Crane Hitch Options

Looking for a complete Rope Wind hitch setup for your truck crane and hiab? Check out our complete wind-up crane auger solution here – Auger Setup for Truck Cranes

S5 Tungsten & Rock Augers

The S5 Range of Augers has been specifically designed for High Flow Skid Steer Loaders, Tele Handlers, Truck Cranes, Backhoes and Excavators up to 8T. S5 Range Augers are available with a number of wearpart combinations, catering from soft grounds all the way to mixed rocky grounds and even permafrost.

All Auger Torque Augers are built from high grade steel and incorporate many features that will allow you to work more efficiently and will make your job easier. Shallow pitch flights ensure they will cut with maximum efficiency and, most importantly keep the spoil on the flights when removed from the hole.

Heavy duty tubes, constant spiral cut as well Auger Torques unique Shock Lock™ Tooth Locking System (Rock Augers excluded), which will guarantee that you will never lose your auger teeth when reversing your auger, have given Auger Torque Augers their industry leading reputation. The standard hub for the S5 range is 75mm Square, however we are able to supply most hub options on the market.

Auger Torque S5 Rock Auger Range

Additional information

Earth Drill Model

5500TC, 7000TC




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